We are strongly pushing these new "AUX-BOARDS" for many new installations. This option takes so much work out of many installations that you might want to consider this above the Semi-Installation or full installation options. Click on the link to this new page of the Sustainiac website. Read the descriptions and view the installation photos and hookup diagrams. Most of our customers prefer toggle controls, and also push-pull for ON/OFF and toggle for Harmonic mode. The new Aux boards accomplish this with greatly simplified installation process, at a cost option of $10.00. The amount of labor saved and consistency of sustainer performance more than justifies this cost add-on. In fact we are so overwhelmed with back-orders on full installations and Semi-Installations that we would like for our customers to give very strong consideration to this new option.

The SUSTAINIACâ "Stealth PRO Ô " electromagnetic-type sustainer


SEMI-INSTALL OPTION FOR MOST GUITAR TYPES: $75.00-85.00 We do 90% of the work. We supply a completely wired and TESTED set of electronics for your guitar, including Sustainiac circuit board and controls, pickup selector, volume and tone controls. You simply remove all of your existing guitar cavity parts as a "glob", after disconnecting your output jack and pickups. You can then save this "glob" of parts to restore your guitar to its original condition if desired with only a small amount of work. We can also do pickguard installations where the entire pickguard is wired and tested for about $100 as shown in the two following Strat photos.

Strat with Sustainiac toggle controls showing board

Strat with Sustainiac toggle controls, board removed

Ibanez Jem with Sustainiac toggle controls, front view

Ibanez Jem with Sustainiac toggle controls, rear view

Schecter Syn Custom with Sustainiac toggle controls

Schecter Syn Custom with Sustainiac push-pull controls

Schecter SYNYSTER GATES CUSTOM® Two-humbucker options: We supply a pre-wired option for $75 or $85.00. We do a lot of these. The guitar can have one of two different electronics cavities. You need to determine which one your guitar has. Examine the following two drawings, and determine your type by measuring its length and width. SYN GATES CAVITY SMALL---- SYN GATES CAVITY LARGE

    TOGGLE CONTROL OPTION $85.00: Most SYN CUSTOM owners prefer toggles. Toggle controls go in as shown on the two drawings. The tone pot can be either rewired to become a Sustainiac drive control, or can remain the tone control. This can double as a push-pull bridge pickup coil tap, or a neck pickup boost/tone selector.
    PUSH-PULL SYN CUSTOM OPTION $75: Sustainiac controls are push-pull. Volume control doubles as Sustainiac ON/OFF control. Tone control goes away, and is replaced by Sustainiac Harmonic Mode control.

Gibson Les Paul Option $80.00: Sustainiac controls are push-pull, and replace the neck pickup volume/tone controls. Neck volume control doubles as Sustainiac ON/OFF switch. Neck tone control goes away, and becomes Sustainiac Harmonic Mode control. Bridge pickup tone control becomes MASTER tone control. (Optionally, you can make neck pickup volume control a MASTER volume, and retain neck and bridge pickup tone controls.) The Sustainiac board BARELY fits in the space between the neck pickup and bridge pickup controls. You have to wire up the bridge ground, battery, output jack, and pickup selector switch. You use the existing selector switch wires without removing them from the switch.

GENERIC SEMI-INSTALL We can do a custom Semi-Installation for you. We have a catalog of many guitar model cavity drawings. If we don't have yours, you can make a custom drawing and email it to us.

  1. Draw your cavity outline on paper. CAVITY DRAWING
  2. Print the 1:1 scale circuit board drawing from the PDF link: STEALTH PRO CIRCUIT BOARD You will use this drawing to determine if it will fit into your cavity without routing.
  3. Cut out the printed circuit board outline.
  4. Lay it in your cavity to determine where the board will actually be placed. Orient the board so that the 8-pin connector is near the pickup selector switch. This most important step makes critical guitar signal wires as short as possible, which minimizes signal distortion or even oscillation.
  5. We will glue your drawing to a piece of stiff cardboard to make a CAVITY DUPLICATE. CAVITY DUPLICATE
  6. Then, using this info, we will create a complete SEMI-INSTALL with volume/tone controls, Sustainiac controls, and pickup selector. We will keep a small amount of extra slack in the wiring to allow for small errors in measurement. COMPLETED SEMI-INSTALLATION This picture shows a $75.00 semi-installation.

These same links are provided at the bottom of each page.


  • NEW AUX-BOARD PAGE All about our new (May 2018) Aux board option
  • STEALTH PRO INSTALLATION PAGE Contains drawings and detailed installation info that you need to know to install the PRO into your guitar
  • SUSTAINIAC CONTROLS Describes the different control options
  • Organize your order for the STEALTH PRO Helps you to organize the things you need to know before you order

    Sustainiac SUSTAIN-MAN electroacoustic sustainer Sustainiac SUSTAIN-MAN electroacoustic sustainer. No installation required

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    JACKSON DK-2S, production guitar with Stealth PRO installed
    GA-1-2, Our original 1988 Sustainiacs, in Hamer and ASI guitars, now OBSOLETE
    SUSTAINIACâ STEALTH PLUS ELECTROMAGNETIC SUSTAINER INSTALLATION INFO Obsolete model. This page contains printable installation drawings, installation manual, etc. for people who have this model, and who might want to transfer it to another guitar, have bought it used, etc.

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