sustainers for stringed musical instruments

The SUSTAINIACâ "Stealth PRO Ô " electromagnetic-type sustainer

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Use the information on this page to plan and organize your order. When you visit our EMAIL ORDER FORM, it is less confusing if you understand all the details that you need before you go there. For Stealth PRO, there are several guitar details that you must give to us so that your hookup diagram matches your guitar. The following outline will help you to organize everything you need. You can click on a printable PDF version of this Organization Outline, so you can write down all the necessary info on your order form. First, make sure you have read the INSTALLATION, CONTROLS, and POWER OPTIONS pages if you are ordering the Stealth PRO.

Sustainiac Stealth PRO Kit ($229) includes:

A photo of the kit can be viewed: Low resolution kit pix (8kb); High resolution kit pix (71kb)

Guitar information: Each one of the installation drawings in our rather large library is based on the following specific information about pickup configuration, guitar controls (pickup selector, volume/tone controls), and output jack type. Without complete and accurate information, we cannot possibly send you the proper kit of parts. You will likely have to examine the inside of your guitar's electronics cavity.