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You can hear some good Sustainiac sounds by going to the following files and/or websites. These are songs played by various Sustainiac users.

If you simply Google "Sustainiac sound demos" you will find thousands. There are a couple of hundred video demos on the YouTube site. Just search "Sustainiac" when you go there. There are also some on the Myspace site.

Here is a link to a recent Stealth PRO demo from (Jan. 2018) from John Stannard from Hammerax Sales. It was done with a Strat fretless and also a fretless Strat Baritone. Several layers. Very nicely done. Check this out. Sometimes I get up in the morning and someone sends me something like this out of the blue, and I thank God that I do this. Nice job John. Beethoven Emperor Adagio

Here is a link to a recent Sustain-Man demo (June 2020) from Casey Harshbarger and Bart Michaels, two of our shop technicians and most excellent guitar players (also super-guys). Sustainiac Sustain-Man "SUSTAINED FLIGHT"

Here is a Youtube link to a recent Sustain-Man demo (July 2020) from Casey Harshbarger who works (and plays) in our shop. Sustainiac Sustain-Man-2

Here is a link to a recent Sustain-Man demo (Jan. 2018) from Russ Wilson in Pennsylvania. Sustainiac Sustain-Man

Here is a link to Sean Butler's You Tube demo, posted in Jan., 2011. Sean Butler demo, using Schecter Synyster Gates Custom guitar

Here is a link James Van Fossen's website that has some exceptional music. Posted Feb. 2013. It contains his Cd 'Cathedral Ceilings'. Sustainiac is featured particularly on the following songs: ' A Collection of Paintings' 'Dramma Magnifico' 'The Effects of Light on Water Vapour' and 'Flying Dreams' Cathedral Ceilings by James Van Fossen

Here is a link to the Parker Fly (Adrian Belew signature model) video at, recorded at Sweetwater Sound. Adrian demos his signature Parker Fly containing the Line 6 Variax and Sustainiac. Adrian Belew signature model Parker Fly

Sustainiac Saga played/written by Eric Bernhardt of Akron, Ohio, on a Wolfgang guitar with his band "Happy Orange". This short 1 minute piece shows what the Sustainiac Stealth PRO sounds like when going in and out of different modes. Recorded direct through effect pedals only.
Here is a link to their YouTube site.

Mr. Scary George Lynch's metal masterpiece from Dokken's "Back for the Attack" album, 1987. All 4 min. and 27 sec. George saved the best for the last cut of the last album. He recorded this (and every other song on the album) using our Sustainiac MODEL B electroacoustic sustainer. Nowadays, he uses the Model C with his Lynch Mob. He prefers the electroacoustic type sustainer over the electromagnetic type because it sounds more like "real amp feedback".

Sustainiac Smooth Santana's SMOOTH, done by Mike Woods, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Exottica Played/written/arranged by Troy Stetina of New Berlin WI. This is the 5 min. title cut from Troy's 1999 instrumental metal cd. Troy's music is as complex and diverse as the best classical recordings. He uses the Sustainiac Stealth PRO throughout.

Habanera played/arranged by Alex Sack of Lake View Terrace, California. This piece shows what the Sustainiac Stealth PRO sounds like when used "clean". Cool ending.

Tim Davis's "Myspace" page The songs on which Tim uses the Sustainiac with his recent invention "Warpdrive" vibrato/stringbender are "I Must Be Dreaming" and "Oh My Soul." Check out the ending to "Oh My Soul" for a clear spotlight on the sustainiac with the Warpdrive.

August 1987 Guitar Player "Soundpage" Guitar Player Magazine used to use flexible soundpages to feature a monthly artist, and also for advertisers. This was our first ad in a major guitar magazine. All selections used our Model B, which was the only product we made back then. The GA-1 and GA-2 were invented the following year. This soundpage and Dokken's "Back for the Attack album put us "on the map". The awsome metal intro and the clean solo were played by the now well-known Troy Stetina, who came from Indianapolis. We happened to meet Troy about the time we invented the Sustainiac systems. Troy's "Heavy Metal" instruction books (Hal Leonard Publishing) continue to be best-sellers. We used a local DJ for the voice-over. 3 min. and 30 sec.

Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" played/arranged by Ken Boatman of Greensboro, North Carolina, with his band "Fooling Betty";

Magnificent Seven played/arranged by Kiki Rodriquez of Anaheim, California

Grand Canyon Suite played/arranged by Kiki Rodriquez of Anaheim, California. This one uses our Model C.

Terry Law, bassplayer, Youtube page Sustainiac on bass guitar

Another one by Terry Law, bassplayer, Youtube page More, with lots of Normal mode sustaining.

AQEYO "Myspace" page Check out "Face of an Angel" by AQUEYO of Rauland, Norway

AJ Bell's "Myspace" page Check out "Minor Melody" by AJ Bell of Indianapolis Indiana

Mark Day, from Glen Walter (Ontario, Canada)
Mark is a Journey fan, and does very good reproductions of Neal Schon's music as you will notice when you listen to this.

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We will be expanding our sound page on an ongoing basis. We want to do this in an interesting way that will feature not only our products, but also the creative people who buy them. We have always believed that the most creative, inventive musicians seek us out. We have met thousands of you in person at trade shows, and through email and telephone conversations.

Many of you around the world have either installed our Sustainiac Stealth/Stealth PLUS sustainers in one or more instruments, or use our Model C or the older Model B sustainer (no longer sold). We want to invite you to show off your creative talents by becoming a featured performer on our soundpage.


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