Our old SUSTAINIACâ "GA-1 and GA-2 sustainers

These sustainers have been out of production since 1990. We don't sell them any more. We include this page as a service for owners of used guitars that contain the sustainers. We don't recommend buying old stock for retrofit, mainly because the parts are over 15 years old. Also, they require two 9-volt batteries, and the retrofit procedure requires that you route a large hole in your guitar.

The GA-2 board can be identified because it is square in shape. The GA-1 board has six sides.

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ASI guitars with Sustainiac (also Hamer Chapparal) ASI sold two guitar models with Sustainiac. These were all of the Hum-single-single "shredder" type design having 24 frets. The Taiwan-made guitar had dot inlays. These had 3 toggle switches to control the 3 pickups. On most, there was a toggle or push-pull coil-tap switch for the bridge pickup. There was also a Korean-made (Samick) guitar with "shark-tooth" inlays. This had a 5-position pickup switch, and also some had a coil-tap switch for bridge pickup. These drawings also work for the Hamer Chapparal guitar with the GA-2. (No coil-tap on the Hamer.) The GA-2 board can be identified because it is square in shape. The early Chapparal guitars had a 6-sided Sustainiac GA-1 board.
GA-2 setup and troubleshooting
How to test and set up a bridge pickup for the Sustainiac GA-1/GA-2
GA-1 hookup in early Hamer Chapparal guitars
GA-1 trimpot settings in early Hamer Chapparal guitars