The SUSTAINIACâ "Stealth PRO Ô " electromagnetic-type sustainer


The Sustainiac Stealth PRO works very well in guitars with active pickups (such as EMG etc.). There are a few minor details that must be sorted out, but nothing very major:

    (1) First of all, sometimes an uncontrolled oscillation occurs when both are powered by the same battery.
    (2) Even if no oscillation occurs, grunge (distortion) can be introduced into your guitar output signal.
    (3) Sustainers use up batteries faster than active pickups do. Much faster. You will get about 20 hours of sustaining on a 9-volt alkaline battery. When the battery dies, the active pickups will cease to function. If you are gigging, you don't want to change batteries in the middle of a song.
Other than these things, just use a normal installation diagram for your particular guitar model.

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